New World Festival (Dub Squad)

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Song Title: New World Festival
Artist: Dub Squad
Album: Tonic of the People
Year: 1991
Genre: Pop
Music and Lyrics: Music by Jim Daniels
Lyrics by Alan Alexander III
Credits: Jim: Keyboards, lead guitar, bass, drum programs
Karen: Unison and background vocals
Mary Sue: Alto sax, unison vocals
Alan: Lead vocals, acoustic piano
Brian: Drums, congas
Newel: Rythym guitar
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New world festival

Three am. Saturday morning.
The club is slowly winding down.
Another one night stand with her favorite band.
She loves to spread the music around.
You know she doesn’t do it for the money
Five dollars and a beer is all she’ll see.
Most girls would get the blues
just standing in her shoes.
But she’s groovin' in a minor key

Girl, I love the way you play piano.
And when you moan it feels alright.
It’s time for you to step out of the shadows.
And walk into that big spot light.
< Honey, don’t you worry ‘bout the rumors.
The critics never understand
. Cause if you want to play,
there’s a price you gotta pay.
You do it ‘cause you know you can.
Welcome to the new world.
You’ve got to make your choice.
What we need now is a reason to smile.
Give us your special voice.

The New World Festival.

Now you’re playing for a lot of people
and everyone enjoys your show.
A lot of fascination. A deep appreciation.
But now you know it’s time to go.
I guess they think you make a lot of money.
But an open hand is all you see.
And you could be a Diva,
outshine the Queen of Sheeba,
or a servant to a love supreme.