Regarding Law Alan Alexander III

Song Title: Regarding Law
Artist: Alan Alexander III
Album: Grand Jury One (preview)
Year: 2019
Genre: Soundtrack
Composed by: Alan Alexander III with words by Robert Kennedy
Credits: All instruments performed by Alan Alexander III
Sheet Music: Sheet Music: Sweet Forgiveness

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I wonder in how many countries of the world people think of law as the link between man and freedom. We know that in many, law is the instrument of tyranny. And people think of law as little more than the will of the state, or the party, but not of the people. And we know, too, that throughout the long history of mankind man has had to struggle to create a system of law and government in which fundamental freedoms would be linked with the enforcement of justice. We know that we can not live together without rules which tell us what is right and what is wrong, what is permitted and what is prohibited. We know that it is law which enables man to live together, that creates order out of chaos. We know that law is the glue that holds civilization together. And we know that if one man's rights are denied, the rights of all of us are in danger.

Robert Kennedy