Massa John (live) (Alexander's Real Time Band)

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Song Title: Massa John (live)
Artist: Alexander's Real Time Band
Album: Single (available on the ARTB Touring CD)
Year: 2015 (commercial release)
Genre: Country Blues
Music and Lyrics: Alan Alexander III
Credits: Alan Alexander III: walkabout dulcimer, lead vocals
Sheet Music: Sheet Music: Sweet Forgiveness

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(transcription by Susan Peck)
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Massa John you gonna get what's comin' to you

put my brother in the hole
lord have mercy rest his soul
if i don't died before i get old
gonna see this story gets told

you done raped my sister Nell
did not even go to jail
lord have mercy if the truth prevail
it's a story straight from hell

ain't no room at the pearly gates
for a soul so full of hate
when you finally meet your fate
the cry for help will be too late