Mercury (Susan Peck)

Song Title: Mercury
Artist: Susan Peck
Album: Single (available on the ARTB Touring CD)
Year: 2013
Genre: Blues/Soul
Music and Lyrics: Susan Peck
Credits: Susan Peck: piano, keyboards, vocals
Meg Grace: saxophones
Whit Draper: electric guitar
Sarah Linderman: cajon, percussion
Alan Alexander III: fretless bass
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Mercury is fallin'
Another front blastin’ through
Damm these quicksilver changes,
Wish I could fathom you
Mercury is fallin’
Another big wind could be enough
Enough to send that big tree crashin’ down down down
Down through the roof

Let in the rain, let in the sky
Let in the stars that stare
You know it’s a hell of a way
To get a breath of fresh air
Come a long way over the ocean
That air smells so clean
And it blows me away
To think where you’ve been

Mercury is risin’
Not so many storms anymore
Gotta cross some mountains
If that’s what you’re still lookin’ for.
Mercury is risin’
Silver moon runnin’ quick
Shiver and quake, through my laced fingers
As I dip water
Cold water from the lake

Reflect the rain, reflect the sky
Reflect the stars that wink
I won’t stay long here
I just stopped by for a drink
I’m a long long way from the ocean
Lake water tastes so sweet
And there’s so much to say
Next time we meet
All the songs I’ve ever sung
Won’t make anything right
But all the tears in the ocean
Leave their salt behind
And the wind risin’ strong through the trees tonight
Carries new rain, carries new rain to my tongue
And strange peace to my mind, oh
Ah, Mercury, why you gotta go changin’ all the time?
Why don’t you just make up your mind?
Why don’t you just make up your mind
To say hello, you know,
You know it’s gonna be all right
Oh, Mercury,
You know it’s gonna be all right
Oh, Mercury, yeah
Oh, yeah
You know it’s gonna be all right.