My Old Neighborhood (Alexander's Real Time Band)

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Song Title: My Old Neighborhood
Artist: Alexander's Real Time Band
Album: Single (available on the ARTB Touring CD)
Year: 2012
Genre: Reggae
Music and Lyrics: Alan Alexander III
Credits: Danny Lamb: trombone
Nancy Durham: drums
Whit Draper: guitars
Sarah Linderman: congas, harmony vocals
Susan Peck: organ, harmony vocals
Alan Alexander III: fretless bass, keyboards, lead and harmony vocals
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(transcription by Susan Peck)
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I come from a humble beginning
But I've traveled far
Moving coast to coast and to distant shore
Now I return home from my journey
Like a wayward son
Only to find the home I knew is gone

My old neighborhood
I'd save it if I could But it's gonna take more than a hammer nails and wood
It's a spiritual crisis

Some folks have a house in the suburbs
and a house on the beach
Keeping their possessions out of reach
from the people who live in the ghetto
and the 'Immigrant Threat'
While they horde opportunity and hope
This is what we get


It's the same old story
'bout the haves and the have nots
'bout the children we forgot
what happens after that last shot

I am just a traveling musician
I get to move along
But these folks will be here when I'm gone
It's easy to rest on good fortune
Many people do
But I'm praying for guidance
Is there something I can do?