One Love Supreme (Dub Squad)

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Song Title: One Love Supreme
Artist: Dub Squad
Album: Tonic of the People
Year: 1991
Genre: Reggae / Ballad
Music and Lyrics: Alan Alexander III
Credits: Karen Searcy: Lead and harmony vocals
Alan: Keyboards, harmony vocals, drum programs, harmonica
Brian Davis: Drums, congas, percussion
Jim Daniels: Fretless bass
Newel Briggs: Guitar
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Is this a dream?
One love supreme.

Searching for a long time to find the words to say just what I feel.
Looking for a reason to sing my song. Can such a love be real?

Sunshine in the morning to warm the day, to make the flowers grow.
Music in the evening to carry me. This is love I need to know.

Life can be so short but love is long. A place I long to be.
If I have a reason to sing my song; it’s to find your love with me.