Peace of Mind (Alexander's Real Time Band)

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Song Title: Peace of Mind
Artist: Alexander's Real Time Band
Album: Single (available on the ARTB Touring CD)
Year: 2011
Genre: Bossa Nova
Music and Lyrics: Alan Alexander III
Credits: Nancy Durham - percussion
Hershel Yatovitz - electric guitar (solo)
Sarah Linderman - cajon drum, cymbals
Susan Peck - electric piano, harmony vocals
Alan Alexander III -lead & harmony vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, keyboards, orchestration
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(transcription by Susan Peck)
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Another day in paradise
is what today should be.

And with the proper attitude
it's not hard to find peace of mind

The sun will shine for you today
just like it shines for me


And it's true we have our sorrows
And we have our troubles too
But don't worry about tomorrow
when your dreams can come true

The love that's here for us to share
is more than we can use