Suspend Disbelief (Alexander's Real Time Band)

Song Title: Suspend Disbelief (live)
Artist: Alexander's Real Time Band
Album: Single (available on the ARTB Touring CD)
Year: 2014
Genre: Bluegrass Reggae
Music and Lyrics: Alan Alexander III
Credits: Whit Draper: bass
Sarah 'Frankie' Linderman: cajon, percussion, harmony vocals
Susan Peck: electric piano, harmony vocals
Alan Alexander III: walkabout dulcimer, lead vocals
Sheet Music: Sheet Music: Sweet Forgiveness

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(transcription by Susan Peck)
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You gotta suspend disbelief if you wanna get through life
Virgil was a worker on an assembly line
Dreaming of the day he'd become a retiree
40 hours week and a little bit of overtime
with a house and car and a boat and a credit card tree
Somewhere in midlife crisis he began to see
That monster truck with the monster wheels
wasn't gonna set him free


Mr. Roberts was a big bank president
dreaming of his golden parachute
Either through rising stocks or a gub'ment bailout
Don't get jealous cause that's only half the truth
We've been payin' his taxes
and to make matters worse
that parachute won't save him
You never see a UHaul behind a hearse


Politicians on my TV
telling me war is peace
How am I supposed to keep movin'?
Guess I'll have to suspend my disbelief